Justt is developed by a German and international team of content specialists, techies, designers and coders who share a common vision: Great content needs a new home. Everyone deserves better apps. And thanks to blockchain-technologies, platform publishing will finally become a barrier-free, thriving business for everyone.

You bright minds out there, readers, creative people, journalists, scientists, authors, bloggers, poets, travellers, curators, film makers, techies, artists, reporters, whether professional or passionate amateur - stay tuned.

Something new is coming up.

You will love it.


Yann Sénécheau

Passionate Technology Leader

Software engineer by profession.

Dreams about a platform that continuously learns and optimizes which of the world s amazing content to push to each individual reader based on his interests. That strips off redundancy and boosts relevance.

Yann started at young age as anti-virus programmer, evolving towards his specialization and interests in distributed complex event processing systems and Artificial Intelligence, lately also blockchain technologies.

He loves riddles.

Anatol Munz

Creative and Content Creator at Heart

Journalist and Executive Producer by profession.

Believes that trust is the currency of the future – in the media more than ever – and that we are on the threshold of a paradigm shift: Visionary platforms with decentralized features will arise, empower quality creators, users, brands worldwide – and change the future.

Anatol has produced hundreds of non-fiction films, dreams of one day watching a movie for which he wrote the script and would love to have Felix’ motorcycles in his garage.

Deniz Tortoshi

Experience Designer

Creator and visionary by nature. Designing experiences for the future.

Imagines a world where people and Earth is the priority. Believes that digital products must feel natural and intuitive, must align with people's mental models, and should contribute to users’ wellbeing by adding value and beauty in their life.

Co-founded Justt so the value, importance, and trust is returned to the information.

Felix Braune

The Business Architect

Loves to grow businesses, especially when tech meets real added value.

Envisions a future in which Justt scales globally, barriers for great content have fallen and stories from all over the world find their way to readers worldwide. A future, in which Justt democratizes journalism, and helps the truth to be told.

Felix has a background in TMT I-banking and corporate strategy, holds an MBA from London Business School and lives in Munich, together with his family (and a cat and two motorcycles).​


Anne Hufnagel

Business Development
Partner Management
Branding and Marketing

Arbias Gjoshi

Senior Frontend Engineer

Kate B.

Senior Cloud Architect
Senior Backend Engineer

Rita Mehmeti

Scrum Master
Product Management

Rron J.

Software & DevOps Engineer

Sevgjan Haxhija

Senior iOS Software Engineer

Nora Bislimi

Junior Graphic Designer

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Heiko Beier


Professor for Digital Media Communication
Owner/founder of company moresophy,
specialized in semantic technologies

Ulrich Emmert


Lawyer; specialized in IT Security & Data Privacy,
License Agreements Lecturer
at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen

Prof. Wolfram Winter


Professor for Media and Communication

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